The Certified Designers Society (CDS) is New Zealand’s leading professional kitchen and bathroom designers’ association. It is affiliated with the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association, which is a national organisation with chapters located around New Zealand, and a strong commitment to the continual improvement and professional development of this increasingly specialised design field.

Certified Kitchen and Bathroom Designers are professionals who are qualified by education and experience to research, design, plan and supervise the installation of kitchens and bathrooms. Their expertise lies in researching the personal needs of the client and designing the most functional and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of space.

The objectives of the Certified Designers Society are:

  • To provide a preferred Kitchen and Bathroom Designer directory of specialists to work with.
  • To provide on-going professional development training for qualified designers.
  • To provide a nurturing and networking system for designers and students.

How to become a member?

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